About Us

Our Approach

The staff of Geordick Shipstores sees a customer as a partner, therefore our service does not end with the delivery or mailing the invoice. We like to satisfy our customers to build a long-standing relationship. Our growing group of regular buyers proves us right. We do not try to sell just anything but think with our customers to provide tailor-made solutions for almost any supply related problem.

We see our customers as partners. And will do our utmost to fulfill their wishes. The crew on board of a sea-going ship has no possibility to go to a market to get the things that were not delivered. We must ensure that our deliveries are as complete as possible.


When Dick Bouwen started a company of his own, shipping was way different from what we know today. Ships stayed in port for several days, orders were given verbally or by letter. Sometimes urgent orders came in by radio-telephone calls, relayed by coast stations. Today, the ships are in port for just a few hours, orders must be received beforehand. Orders are given by email in most cases. The world became smaller due to information technology. More transparent too. Geordick Shipstores grew with this development and is equipped with modern technology, including a high-tech IT system. Trucks are equipped with cooling and freezing units, we can follow them through GPS tracking. Deliveries can be co-ordinated to be just-in-time in order to maintain food safety and ensure quality supplies.

Our team


  • Mascha Bouwen - General Manager - Finance & Controlling
  • Werner Lüders - General Manager - ICT, HRM, OPS
  • Dick Bouwen †

Sales & Procurement

  • Martin Verkley - Head of Sales
  • Rob Horstink
  • Patrick Sluimer


  • Johan Bakkers
  • Michel v. Baarle
  • Suzette Dodenbier